• Identification and Nurturing Gifts in a Child
    through Experiential Learning
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  • Capacity Building of Teachers
    by Motivating and Skill Training
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    Connecting everyone through Digital Learning
    Access, Interact and Learn


Promoting Action Research by Teachers and Activists in Education


Enriched Education for Nation Building

Educational Resources and Open Learning

Brining Quality Education to Every Child using approriate Technology

Our Projects

To bring our ideas in practice, Jnana Prabodhini's Educational Activity Research Center - EARC has structured its work under following projects

Pradnya Vikas

Motivating and Nurturing Intelligence for Social Change view project

Gyan Setu

Connecting people through Knowledge Exchange view project


Every One is A Winner view project

Happy Teacher

Inspired, Prepared, Organized Teacher view project


प्रयोगशील प्रतिभासंपन्न शिक्षकांसाठी view project

Teacher's Training

समृध्द शिक्षणातून समर्थ भारत view project

Flipped Classroom - Digital Contents

Reversing the way of Teaching view project

What people say about us ?

  • You would agree that education can change the course of one’s life and is the only thing that can change the world! Chhote Scientists is a step in that direction.

    PadmaVibhushan Dr.Raghunath Mashelkar

About Us

In the past 50 years Jnana Prabodhini (JP) has evolved an Educational System which is deeply rooted in Indian ethos and can bring out the best in each individual. Jnana Prabodhini started with the idea of 'Education of the gifted' but in the last two decades through its extension programs it has reached to the idea of 'Education for the development of everybody's abilities.' Now JP dreams of a movement for Motivating Intelligence towards Social Change through the system of Integral Education.

EARC is a unit of Jnana Prabodhini created to spread the idea and practice of 'Man Making Education' across the society. The aim of man making education, JP EARC dreams of a movement for Motivating Intelligence for Social Change throughthe system of Integral Education. It runs several projects and extension activities.

Vivek Ponkshe

Head, Educational Activity Research Centre
Dy. Secretory (Education Wing)

Prashant Divekar

Head, W.N.Dandekar Teachers Training Centre

Prakash Rananaware

Chhote Scientists Program

Omkar Banait

Pradnya Vikas Program

Pallavi Paradkar

Educational Resource Centre

Purva Dixit

Gyan Setu Program

Mrinmayi Vaishampayan

Vivek Inspire Program

Our Proud Partners


Man making for Nation Building


Motivating and Nurturing Intelligence for Social Change

Contact Info

  • Address: Vinayak Bhavan, 514-Sadashiv Peth, Pune - 411030
  • Phone: (91) 20 24207193/94
  • e-Mail: erc@jnanaprabodhini.org

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You can view the project here

Chotte Scientist

This is an Educational Initiative in science and technology for School students in rural and semi urban areas of Maharashtra.Highlights of program are •Concept teaching through experiments and fun games. • Activity kits provided to the students to implement the concepts and make something innovative. • Selection of science concepts based on curriculum such as Motion, Energy, Light, Sound. •Lectures conducted by trained volunteers• Focus on the project methodology •Exhibition on a large scale is arranged for students to demonstrate their various projects.

Chhote Scientists is an initiative to kindle the basics of Science amongst school going children with the help of "Easy to make" & "fun to learn" Scientific toys and experiments. It tries to connect science concepts and principles with daily life experiences/applications so that the children will develop scientific approach towards every day activities/technologies. Chhote Scientists started as a small program in a few villages/schools around Pune city however now it has reached to thousands of children located in different parts of Maharashtra as well as Bangalore thorough more than hundred schools and hundreds of volunteers and teachers.
Encourage students to think beyond the textbooks by bridging the gap between bookish knowledge and real life applications of science.
The main missions of the program are:
Development of scientific attitude among the students.
Strengthening the science fundamentals and principles.

The 'Chhote Scientists' program follows 4S Philosophy:
SIMPLE: We teach through toys/experiments which are easy to make from readily available or waste material and fun to play with.
SCALABLE: Anybody and everybody can be a teacher. With a small amount of appropriate training, everyone can learn and teach basic concepts of science using simple toys/experiments.
SUSTAINABLE: Does not require expensive and specific infrastructure. Only a willingness to help and teach.
SHARABLE: Available to all. The more it is used, the more effective it is. KPIT has made this methodology freely available to everyone who is interested to help.

Organization of the activities: This program incorporates activities based on different themes which are designed and conducted mainly for 8th and 9th standard students using simple and easily available material. Each theme has 4-5 activities (individual, group or demonstration) based on it, which encourage scientific thinking. These activities are followed by discussions about principle/concept behind the activities and real life applications of the principle in the technologies around us. The following tables contain information about each theme, list of experiments included in each theme and how they are carried out.

Chhote Scientists App This app was developed by KPIT and Graham Erley (Graduate student volunteer from US) and was launched by Mr. Arvind Paranjape – Director, Nehru Planetarium, Mumbai and Mr. KishorPatil, CEO & MD, KPIT.
Link to the app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.chhotescientists.core

Pradnya Vikas

A weekly program of supplementary inputs for socially deprived children run in metropolitan cities and rural areas of Pune, Raigad and Goa.

Jnana Prabodhini in collaboration with Bharat Forge Ltd. has started the project Pradnya Vikas Program. The project is based on the motto of grooming and preparation of Pune city slum area students forholistic development. We will identify promising children from these areas to nurture the gifts they possess, leading to the manifestation of their potentials in the form of talents. Starting of the program year we will be working with selected students from 7th standard who will be followed thereafter till 10th. These students will get various inputs on skill development in different areas throughperiodic workshops. Each year the first batch will get further inputs as they will go in the next class (8th/9thstd.)and a new batch (8thstd.) will join them in this ongoing program. These students having some or the other gifts will be the proud possessions and potential resources of not only the school or program but also of the state of Maharashtra and the nation. They will represent as the products who have been through the process of man-making and set some good examples in front of the other students.
Objectives 1. Identifying Gifted and Talented Students from the suburban (slum) areas of Pune city to enhance various skills. 2. Select 40 students on experimental basis for the year long program. 3. To developskills through trainings: Cognitive skills, Study and learning skills, Communication skills, leadership skills. 4. To conduct weekly activities (Supplementary inputs)in the suburban areas of Pune city for the year 2017-18. 5. Training of Mentors for nurturance of the selected students. 6. Continue this program for 3 years.
a) TARGET GROUP PARTICIPATING STUDENTS 40 students (girls and boys) will participate in this program from the class 8th, which are selected through a basic screening test. This will be followed till 10thstd.
b) AREA OF OPERATION 1. JantaVasahat, Parvatipaytha, 2. TupeVasti, Malwadi, Hadapsar, 3. Keshavnagar, Mundhva Where Bharat Forge conducted their CSR activities in this suburban (Slum) area.
c) DURATION The project is planned for 3 academic years, commencing from 2014-15 (first year- Pilot phase,JantaVasahat) (see chart given below) (Program for class 8thto 10th students)
d) WORK SCHEDULE 1) Classroom Sessions : 96 sessions of 1 hour each. Each session willgenerally consist of patriotic songs, skill training, carrier guidance, activities and discussions on various topics.
2) Outdoor Sessions : • Personality Development activities will be conducted where students will be given exposure to study and observe the nature, to take social surveys, etc.
• Field visits will be arranged which will cover Research Institutes, Factories, Placesof historical importance, etc.
• Leadership Qualities Development Camp will be arranged for these students to enhance their abilities. In this camp, participants will be given special inputs in team building, group handling, problem solving, decision making, etc.
Introduction to various sector successful person interaction and show some interviews of some persons.

Gyan Setu

Gyan-Setu is an ongoing program which consists of short residential visits of college going volunteers to remote areas of developmentally challenged states such as Chhattisgad, Assam, Meghalaya, Jammu and Kashmir; of India, to conduct science based workshops for middle school students. This program aims at building communication bridges through knowledge exchange to inculcate the sense of national integration and also at capacity building of local students as well as volunteers.

Spreading the "joy" of education.
Providing "exposure" to the fascinating world of science and technology.
Providing "inspiration" to develop proactive attitude towards challenges faced by the communities thus realising and inculcating a sense of national integration.
•Conducting science-based workshops, hands-on activities for school students in remote areas of developmentally challenged states.
•Organizing visits by volunteer teams to conduct these workshops.
•Building a network of individuals and organizations to support this program.
Statistics (Aug 2013 - May 2017)
Total number of volunteers visited: 403
Total number of workshops conducted: 1009
Total number of students addressed: 48961

Vivek Inspire

Identification & Nurturance of Tribal Gifted Children; This program is aimed at Supplementing formal education in remote hilly areas of Arunachal Pradesh. These children are groomed for the competitive world. Training of selected teachers is done for mentorship of the participant students. Development of Reading Skills, Self Study Skills and Expression Skills through various exposuresare main areas of curriculum of the program.

Vivek Inspire is a project undertaken by Jnana Prabodhini in collaboration with Vivekanand Kendra Vidyalayas Arunachal Pradesh Trust (VKVAPT).
Through this project we are working with selected students from 6th standard following them till 10th standard, giving them various exposures and experiences catering their holistic development as well as equipping them with specific skills in order to qualify prestigious competitive examinations in their school years and ahead.
The project is being executed with 6days workshops on quarterly basis in the months of August, November and February.
With workshops taken on 6th and 7th std. in three clusters (Itanagar, Ziro, Roing) recently, Vivek Inspire is a year old project.
It gives us immense pleasure to see this project growing bit by bit with each year. It is reviving many connections as resource persons are voluntarily joining in for their passion for education, love for teaching or longing for Arunachal. Many new, fruitful and long lasting connections are being formed between the two sister organizations, bridging the distance between the two states.
With each workshop, there are new insights, giving rise to modifications and new inputs.
Executing ideas so very remotely is a tough as well as rejuvenating task. There is something which keeps on evolving all the time. Be it content, resources, connections, execution strategies, resource persons or the children. The process is so wonderfully dynamic and engaging to witness. Each workshop would give rise to so many observations to document, discussions to remember, ideas to share, experiences to cherish and stories to tell!
As for the resource persons, it is the process of give and take. They give their best and get back some really good things in return. Some would get their inner calling, some would enjoy their first experience with children, some would cherish the connection with the people and the place, some would get to know more about self, some would get inspired, some would inspire others, some would get their dream destination to work and some would end up being permanent members of Inspire family.
For the participant students it is always something new, which would ping their curious minds, give them challenges, keep them on their toes, make them think and solve, make them greedy and ask for more, give them the space to ask questions, try out, take risks, learn, know, dream...a space and people who would 'inspire'! The kiddos are eager and happy to be a part of this project as it is something different, which they don't get easily in their routine! Watching them grow into matured ones, concretizing their dreams, verbalizing their experiences is something which keeps giving receipt of efforts taken.
They keep waiting for us with a bag full of novelty. And we keep waiting to meet them with sparks in their eyes and bright young smiles. Vivek Inspire has become a welcoming, happy island, which keeps on evolving, spreading experiences, knowledge, ideas, skills and smiles and bridging the gap in every sense between two distant lands.

May we all keep dreaming together. May it all keep evolving! May it keep inspiring!!

Gyan Vahini

Teaching school children at different remote locations like Assam, Jammu-Kashmir and similar states from centrally located studio in Pune. Expert faculty conducts interactive sessions through video conferencing.

Teacher's Training

It aims at providing training to the young and new teachers from the primary & secondary schools in rural, semi urban and urban areas with a motto "Enriched Education for Man making and Nation Building". The purpose of this centre is to create a strong motivating force for teachers to develop their own personality to become effective teachers. In- service training for young and enthusiastic teachers, Training Programs based on 'concepts teaching', Training Programs for conducting co curricular activities, Training programs for guiding students for competitive examinations.

The purpose of this centre is To organize teachers with slogan "Enriched Education for Man making and Nation building "
To spread Jnana prabodhini's Nationalistic education system for man making and nation building.
To create a permanent arrangement for continuous in- service training of teachers.
To train teachers to develop their own personality to be effective teachers.
To help schools to setup school systems for better learning practices.
In the past 50 years Jnana Prabodhini (JP) has evolved an Educational System which is deeply rooted in Indian ethos and can bring out the best in each individual. Jnana Prabodhini started with the idea of 'Education of the intelligent' but in the last two decades through its extension programs it has reached to the idea of 'Education for the development of everybody's intelligence.'
Now JP dreams of a movement for motivating intelligence towards social change through this system of Integral Education. Teacher are back bone of education setup. Jnana Prabodhini has established "W.N. Dandekar teacher training center" to organize teachers with motto "Enriched Education for Man making and Nation building ".
The purpose of W. N. Dandekar Teachers Training Center is to spread Jnana prabodhini's education system for man making and nation building. The function of this center is to create a permanent arrangement for continuous in- service training of teachers. Along with the training this centre will be a strong motivating force for teachers to develop their own personality to be effective teachers.
With kind help of Shri.W. N. Dandekar ( W. N. Dandekar is a revered and renowned educational psychologist in India. He worked as the Director of Education ( Goa) and the Commissioner of Government Examination ( Maharashtra state ) . He has been associated with field of mental ability testing , Evaluation and statistics. He has written over 50 books for teachers and students.) Jnana Prabodhini had setup this teacher training center.
Philosophy of education
The objective of education is making way for a better and fuller development of the individual, not only in relation to Society and Mankind, but in relation to the Divine Manifestation.
This has been described aptly in Sanskrit. -
'आत्मनो मोक्षाय जगद हिताय च |'
घडो ज्ञानाचा उदबोध .. भक्तीप्रेमाचा कल्लोळ
Swami Vivekananda has said,"Education is the manifestation of perfection already in man."
The second objective of education is to awaken, in the minds of the pupils, a consciousness concerning the society and nation in which one lives and consciousness concerning the whole of of humanity. Education should lead to a better understanding of our nation problems in relation to problems of the world.


Free of cost e-magazine for teachers is a phenomenal opportunity to foster conversation with like-minded teachers where different classroom innovations, experiments, and techniques can be shared.

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Happy Teacher

This is a free android app to help teachers to designing sample plans and e-resources. Creative lesson plans are available in Marathi, English, Hindi and other regional languages. This App can be downloaded from Google Play Store.



Competeprabodhiniway.com aims to offer online mock tests, courses and training for different competitive exams. We currently provide mock tests for 5th and 8th scholarship examinations, Homi Bhabha Bal Vidnyanik competitions and NTSE. Readymade detailed Performance scrutiny, Topic wise, Time wise, Round wise, Risk wise and Difficulty level wise analysis are the special features of CPW.

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    A centre for primary and secondary teachers aspiring to become resourceful and effective. The vision of ERC is that of creating a strong resource backup of electronically available educational resources through internet-based infrastructure and equipment along with traditional educational resources like books, magazines, teaching aids, learning kits, etc.
    Website :www.erc-pune.org has been developed to enable teachers to be resourceful and effective.
    Experiments, Projects and Activities

    Principal's Desk

    ज्ञानवर्धन व्याख्यानमाला

    For more resources visit us at : www.erc-pune.org

    Learn Prabodhini Way

    Learning Prabodhini Way.com is an online platform for teachers introducing practices of learning and teaching in Jnana Prabodhini.The method of teaching has to suit the intended effect or result of teaching. Creation of knowledge and application of knowledge are the two guiding lights for devising a method of teaching. The students enter the classroom carrying some bits of information with them. They should not leave the classroom with only some more bits of information. The purpose of teaching should be to give them a perspective to use their information, and skills to use that information effectively. The purpose of teaching should be to give them insights to spot the gaps in their information. Complete knowledge in a particular branch of study is impossible. It is better to teach a multidisciplinary approach where application of knowledge is necessary and an inter-disciplinary approach where creation of knowledge is the goal. The method of teaching has to be more skills and process-oriented and not content-oriented.

    You can view the project here

    Flipped Classroom

    21st century education is different than 20th century education. It will have different methods of learning and teaching. Learning at home will be possible through teacher made videos, learning from experts across the world by internet and virtual experiences. Classrooms will be full of activities, worksheets, debates, discussions and projects designed by teachers. Reversal of the classroom is a 180 degree revolution in education.